Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 244 - pumpkin decay

i have absolutely {loved} watching this pumpkin decay
i could have moved it many times
and tossed it away
but there was a strange beauty every time i looked at the stem
popped up among my fallen leaves under my favorite
japanese maple tree
i love the texture, color and the feelings
that this pumpkin evoke
a life cycle
and i wonder
what kind of benefits will this pumpkin leave behind
will it nourish the new growth
making life more abundant
in the leaves and beauty of my tree

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 243 - toothfairy

~tooth fairy duties, fairy dust~
alyssa's left front tooth

Day 242 - good morning cheers

make it a great day!

Day 241 - christmas postcard

when I saw this opportunity to take a photo of my sexy friend Amoris's legs and her red birthday shoes next to the tree wrapped with christmas lights, I was just bubbling over inside with visual creativity. the bicycle in the background is perfect for Portland, OR.

I absolutely love the simple romance of this photo~

Day 240 - fashion humor

if you are going to go out dancing in heels, it's a good idea to at least wear the correct size shoe

this silly girl dancing at 80's Night, Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR
kept falling all night long

I couldn't stop laughing at her shoes :)

Day 239 - toy story ♥

♥ how children have attachment to toys ♥
love her heroes Buzz & Woody
"to infinity and beyond"