Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 97 - vintage sunglasses

so, today was a day of cleaning out the garage. we have a 3 car garage. it has been a long overdue task needing completion. it will take us several days to finish the task. but at least we have started on our journey. Addington said it would be like Christmas. and he was not kidding. i actually discovered a very nice brand new electric skillet that apparently we received as a gift from his parents several years ago. (i don't even remember this gift, but i was happy to find it) consolidating boxes and determining goodwill items and garbage items, we found many treasurers. but my favorite find of the day were these vintage sunglasses that Addington has owned for YEARS... we laughed out loud that the style has come full circle. "you mean i've had them so long, they are in style again?" LOL ~ you have to find the fun in life

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 96 - "mommy, are you ticklish?"

being tickled by my baby girl~

who cares about the quality of the picture at this point! this is awesome~

Day 95 - "I'll make you dinner" YUM

my BFF, Jennifer, cooked an amazing flank steak served with jasmine rice, broccoli, roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, garlic & feta cheese ~ OMG YUMMY! for dessert, brownie sundaes, banana, vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup. SO NEED TO EXERCISE NOW.

but the best part of the evening~ was when she cleaned my kitchen: dishes, sink, counters & stove top.

Jen is such a good wifey. LOL. my BFF is the absolute BEST!

served with Kahlua spiked vanilla mocha~ ♥it

Day 94 - table

it may seem like just a simple table to everyone else, but this is my table. i love this table. i know that i have mentioned my great grandmother Katherine before. she had a huge influence in my life. i've discovered that i want my home and my property to reflect similarly to my great grandmother's home. this dining table is the same type of wood as hers was. it is beautiful to me. i have fond memories of sitting around the table at her home, playing games, laughing, joking, eating family meals and special holiday activities. i remember cleaning the table and taking note of all the scratches, groove, nicks, & marks. and do you want to know a secret, I LOVED THEM. that table had a happy life~ and now my table has the same kind of love around it, there are marks where my girls have pressed too hard with their pen, cat scratches across the top, watercolor that i am still trying to get out, and it doesn't bother me.... for fancy dinner occasions, i can toss a table cloth over it and it looks beautiful. the size was a must for me... i wanted an oversize table where i could fit lots of family & friends around it. the chairs are amazing, because there is room not only for me, but any one of my girls can snuggle up with me on their comfortably. i LOVE my dinning table & chairs~ ♥them. and Addington wants to resurface the table top, i think i would be sad to remove all of that history~ sentimental sap! LOL

Day 93 - favorite hobbie

i made this sweet tiny little scrapbook to send to my daughter while she was away at summer camp. i knew that she would be lonesome away from home. and i knew she would appreciate seeing pictures of her family... it is cute and tiny and super sweet... and it only took me a couple of hours to make. it is a cherished little treasure~ ♥it

i love taking pictures, but i love creating with them too. these 4 little books represent my favorites for different reasons. i love simple. and they document events. the county fair book was very simple and put together quickly, but the girls loved looking back at the pictures of their day at the fair. i made the Easter book to bring with me to show my mom when she was dying in the hospital... i wanted her to see pictures of the girls, because i flew to CA so quickly, i only took my baby daughter with me. i never did end up showing her the album ~ but it holds huge sentiment to me. because my craft is how i express my love. the red mini book with the blue bird on the front holds a hodgepodge of little happy moments of my girls. i am happiest when i am creative ~ ♥

Day 92 - empty

these bottles represent some of my favorite drinks: if I'm not drinking water, I prefer red wine with dinner. My everyday favorite red wine is by Columbia-Crest.

I like to drink my vanilla mocha spiked with Kahlua if it is a dessert drink. {made at home w/♥}

If I'm out with the girls I like to drink Lemon Drops {best place for them is the La Center Tavern}.

If I want to enjoy a fun drinking experience, I'm going to head to Huber's downtown Portland for a Spanish coffee ~ truly an amazing experience and worth it {make sure to tip well}.

My favorite drink with Mexican food is a mango-strawberry margarita. Yummy!

of course I'm expressive, and always trying new things~~~

Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 91 - altered photos

playing around with color and texture of my photos~