Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 125 - is that the Easter bunny?

when the girls say autumn chasing the bunny, they were so worried and asked "is that the Easter bunny?" brianna and i laughed out loud
autumn seems to catch a bunny every year just around Easter....
funny memories~

Day 124 - nature walk

this photo has a lot of meaning to me...
i used to play in mud puddles as a child
i've always encouraged my girls to play in mud puddles too
i love paths
this is a beautiful photo to me
and my girls just played in this mud puddle~

~ texture ~
all the face expressions ~ ♥them
i am happiest outdoors, in the fresh air, enjoying nature, the texture of nature, the colors of nature
i like that i captured the rock going into the water
childhood nostalgia~
love the reflection of the sky in the water
who knew how memorable the walk would be
now when we are driving across the bridge coming into La Center
the girls look off to the right and say "there is the bridge we walked on, remember?"
yes, i'll always remember
i love the color and texture of this bridge, perfect place for a little photo op of my girls
loved how the clouds seem to frame the girls
beautiful ~ calming ~ refreshing
i love the angle, colors and texture of the rail
and documenting the size of my children's hands
pathways, stairways, journeys

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 123 - texture of nature

i love texture, and greens, and browns, and nature~ ♥

Day 122 - drive by admiration

i have been driving by these beautiful blossoms for a month wondering what they were, i love the color, texture and the free form of the shrub. today i finally stopped to take a picture.
i want to have these in my own yard~

Day 121 - discovering balloon fun

hailey absolutely enjoyed her experience with playing with balloons, letting go of the balloons and letting them fly around the room~ love how my girls live life to the fullest and
enjoy every moment ~♥

Day 120 - a night out with my bff

one of the most important things in life is laughing with your best friend ~♥

Day 119 - chasing pigeons

if she would not have tripped, i think she would have caught that pigeon ;)

Day 118 - ladybugs

Day 117 - spunky & sweet

Day 116 - wishing

Day 115 - simply sweet nature

Day 114 - happy

sometimes a picture just leaves you with a happy feeling ~♥

Day 113 - riding horses

brianna thinks she is too "big" to ride
hailey ready to ride ~ no fear ~ she loves animals
even I got to ride
Align Center
caitlyn & alyssa riding together

Day 112 - how much is that doggy in the window

hailey loves puppies
here she is holding her cousin alexa's puppy, snowball.
she has been asking for a puppy for as long as I can remember
I bought her a book of puppies and she discovered and asks for
a teacup chihuahua.
she has a poster in her bedroom that brianna gave her entirely filled with puppies.
♥ puppy love ♥

Day 111 - release

when we would give the twins balloons when they where tiny, they used to get so much joy out of releasing them into the world. usually kids are unhappy to see their balloons go floating away, never to return. but they would find so much joy in it. funny how we pass along simple abilities, such as "letting go"
Hailey's birthday balloons are about to go on a journey~

Day 110 - layers of lace

something just made me happy with all the layers of lace ~

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 109 - you are my sunshine!

these are the moments I will cherish "all my life" ~♥~

Hailey says "tickle me"
well, she asked for it ;)

Day 108 - tball

24 is my favorite #
being team mom for the Angels has it's privileges ;)

proud daddy~ ♥

Day 107 - @the playground

Day 106 - watercolor painting