Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 82 - coffee cup collection

can you see the rainbow reflections~ it is being created by crystals hanging in my kitchen window {my mother's} we love to spin the crystals and fill the house with rainbows of light ~ creates feelings of love & happiness ~ childhood memories ♥

my fav red cup #1♥

i have a little collection of starbucks coffee cups going on~ lol
i actually have cups to go with my moods of the day, most used cup is the red. i absolutely LOVE it ♥it


  1. Love all of these shots! It's funny, I thought I was the only one that picks out a certain cup for my mood! I love your coffee maker!

  2. my favorite shot is the last one...with all the cups lined up. and the red one just looks like it serves up the best coffee too!

    i looked through the rest of your blog- my favorite is the one of the marbles- those are cool! and i like your "exercise" music- i thought i was the only one that was "jiggy" with it- i actually had to look up the one song, but, i love "that's not my name!" great blog- your family is cute! good job on your postings!!