Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 41 - gentle claw

our cat Autumn is always very gentle with the girls, when she gets upset or scared she has never attacked the girls, we do not cut her claws because she is an outdoor cat and needs to be able to defend herself if needed, and I'm always so surprised at how gentle she is with the furniture too, she is very smart~ we still miss her sister, Sally kitty, who we believe found her fate with a coyote, both cats have always been very protective of the girls, any time they felt the girls were in danger they would attack~ we love our kitty ♥
the new debt is if we will be adding another pet to our family, I've always wanted to get a dog, but I don't feel that I'm ready yet for the additional responsibility, I bought a book about tiny dong for the girls to look at and they all fell in love with a tea cup chihuahua - brown with fluffier fur then most pics.... "ooooohhhhhh, so sweet, I want to have her" and a list of names began being discussed. Hailey loves the name Cocoa (hahaha, no surprise). Brianna likes the name Mimi. Alyssa wanted to name the puppy Sally after our kitty we miss. Caitlyn liked the name Lily. We are still in the discussion phase~ but the girls were jumping up and down with the excitement of the potential that we might get a puppy.

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