Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 124 - nature walk

this photo has a lot of meaning to me...
i used to play in mud puddles as a child
i've always encouraged my girls to play in mud puddles too
i love paths
this is a beautiful photo to me
and my girls just played in this mud puddle~

~ texture ~
all the face expressions ~ ♥them
i am happiest outdoors, in the fresh air, enjoying nature, the texture of nature, the colors of nature
i like that i captured the rock going into the water
childhood nostalgia~
love the reflection of the sky in the water
who knew how memorable the walk would be
now when we are driving across the bridge coming into La Center
the girls look off to the right and say "there is the bridge we walked on, remember?"
yes, i'll always remember
i love the color and texture of this bridge, perfect place for a little photo op of my girls
loved how the clouds seem to frame the girls
beautiful ~ calming ~ refreshing
i love the angle, colors and texture of the rail
and documenting the size of my children's hands
pathways, stairways, journeys


  1. Great pictures! I love the reflection of the clouds in the water & all the girls on the bridge!

  2. i feel i was with you on this lovely walk!

  3. My favorite of this group was the first photo. Great composition, and the shade is perfect. Well done.