Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 99 - my daily battle

well, I could hide all the photos that show off my dirty house, but this photo represents so much. I hate dishes. always have since I was a little girl. you have to hear the story to understand the true volume of my dislike of cleaning dishes. I was 12 years old, living in a one room shack that had a tiny camper trailer attached to it, residing in the shack was my mom, her boyfriend, myself and my two younger brothers. sometimes my grandma would come and stay with us. there was no running water and you had to walk a distance to an outhouse [honey buckets would have been a luxury, lol]. there was a creek that traveled through the property, and my mom would make me do the dishes there. you had to walk down a hill carrying all the dishes and then wash them in the creek and then carry them back up. it was a cold pre-winter day and I was not happy about my circumstances, I proceeded to tell my mom that I was not going to do the dishes and I set the dishes down on the ground to harshly, causing them to slide the distance of the hill. unfortunately, the next thing I felt was a hand slapping me across the face. my brothers took pity on me, helped me gather the dishes and the 3 of us quietly washed them in the creek. in general I was a very good girl, always pitching in, taking care of my brothers and many other children while the adults were off having their fun. my mom and I discussed the situation once I was an adult, and she apologized to me. it was nice of her to acknowledge her unfairness in how she was treating me. my mom and I were very close. but it does not change my hate of doing the

it is my everyday battle
and as I type this
my dishwashing machine is working away
i have many pots & pans cleaned drying on the counter
but my sink is still not empty
but I love food
I love cooking
I love taking care of my family~