Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 144 - strolling around Eureka, CA

these two photos of me are taken by my sister, laurie ;)
dancing to the Merv George Band
and more dancing out on the town~
i was so excited when i discovered this brick chimney earlier in the day
and happy my sister played along with my need to take photos in front of it
love signage that looks vintage~
my favorite place in the entire world to stop for a scoop of ice cream~

~thinking about being with someone i love by the water~
sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the clouds roll away, sitting in the evening sun, wasting time~~~


i wanted to purchase this vintage book more than i can say
i may yet still
there were pressed flowers that had been secretly placed between the pages
wonderfully fun tips for creating refined grace and beauty for your home
it was a lovely little find

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  1. Love the structure of the buildings! That song is my favorite...I remember my mom singing it! I would have done the buildings in one post, you & your sister in another and the boats, you & the water in another...but that's just me! I still ♥ all of them!