Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 148 - CA love

oh how i miss you
i long to be where you are
i long to rest my heart at the heart of you
enjoying the beauty of love at first sights
i smile when i remember everything about you

to walk in the redwood forest
take the time to sit on a picnic bench
enjoying the wonders of you
California you are an obsession
i want more

to sit in the quiet and and just be with you
watch the sunset on your beaches
wrap my arms in the winds embrace &
feel the tingles race through my body
see the whales surfacing for air
the salty taste of you on my lips

when i am away
you are on my mind constantly
the rivers
the oceans
the mountains
i could spend all day exploring you
and still want more

i ♥heart♥ you~

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