Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 232 - multi class reunion

i was so excited about the response i received from friends, old classmates and extended high school classmates for a multi-class reunion. so i began to organize an event for August via facebook and the idea grew from there~
i took photos of most everyone that attended and plan to put together a dvd. others suggested we post all of our photos on a main website so that we could print into a mini-book.
this blog post represents some of my favorite moments that i was able to capture. but sometimes you have to put down the lens and just "enjoy living"~
so those are the moments i will just have to hold close to my heart ~♥~
my sister, Laurie and me
Pliny, my brother Brian, Notchko {Warrior Boy} and me
talking about my Warrior Pony and the ride we survived~
with a lot of help from above ♥
Pete & me
prom memories~
Trudy & me
upward bound hugs~ xo
Lele & me

~overflowing with love~
chef Dean

~ winecoolers ~
~ horse shoes ~
~ sunglasses ~~ lettermans, EPIC reunion moment ~

so this entry may take me several edits... organizing peektures :)

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