Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 97 - vintage sunglasses

so, today was a day of cleaning out the garage. we have a 3 car garage. it has been a long overdue task needing completion. it will take us several days to finish the task. but at least we have started on our journey. Addington said it would be like Christmas. and he was not kidding. i actually discovered a very nice brand new electric skillet that apparently we received as a gift from his parents several years ago. (i don't even remember this gift, but i was happy to find it) consolidating boxes and determining goodwill items and garbage items, we found many treasurers. but my favorite find of the day were these vintage sunglasses that Addington has owned for YEARS... we laughed out loud that the style has come full circle. "you mean i've had them so long, they are in style again?" LOL ~ you have to find the fun in life


  1. Great picture!!! Tell Addington I want to see a picture of him with those glasses!! LOL

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