Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 94 - table

it may seem like just a simple table to everyone else, but this is my table. i love this table. i know that i have mentioned my great grandmother Katherine before. she had a huge influence in my life. i've discovered that i want my home and my property to reflect similarly to my great grandmother's home. this dining table is the same type of wood as hers was. it is beautiful to me. i have fond memories of sitting around the table at her home, playing games, laughing, joking, eating family meals and special holiday activities. i remember cleaning the table and taking note of all the scratches, groove, nicks, & marks. and do you want to know a secret, I LOVED THEM. that table had a happy life~ and now my table has the same kind of love around it, there are marks where my girls have pressed too hard with their pen, cat scratches across the top, watercolor that i am still trying to get out, and it doesn't bother me.... for fancy dinner occasions, i can toss a table cloth over it and it looks beautiful. the size was a must for me... i wanted an oversize table where i could fit lots of family & friends around it. the chairs are amazing, because there is room not only for me, but any one of my girls can snuggle up with me on their comfortably. i LOVE my dinning table & chairs~ ♥them. and Addington wants to resurface the table top, i think i would be sad to remove all of that history~ sentimental sap! LOL

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